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The most important advice is to get experienced in the market while trading small sums - all of which he should be able to afford to lose. Choosing the right forex broker is also crucial. The trader should educate himself on Technicals and Fundamentals and most importantly in good risk  management, so that his exposure to losses is always limited and controlled. The FX markets and the trading options and platforms offer excellent stop loss and limit order functionality and with 24 hour liquidity in most currencies, risk exposure can be managed well.  Most importantly, clients should trade on modest leverage levels, which will ensure gains and losses are moderated.

If you’re going to panic, panic early.

So many monitors… so many monitors… monitors everywhereee

FUNGRY - The state of being fucken hungry

In case FUNGRY isn’t in your dictionary, you should add it quickly



So there is this magical website that takes a random Twitter post and pairs it with an equally random Dinosaur Comics Panel 2

…and sometimes, amazing things happen

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haha, another batch of SOLID GOLD


inspired by the stories on this site and by the stories of other 99% of us

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